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    December 27, 2021

    Crypto Mining Vs. Staking: What’s the difference?

    When it comes to mining vs. staking, the differences stem from the algorithms each uses to add new blocks. Crypto mining comes from its proof-of-work mechanism. In this decentralized system, the "work" is mining. Crypto staking has similar objectives to mining to validate transactions and achieve consensus. Its proof-of-stake mechanism was first used as an alternative to proof-of-work.
    December 27, 2021

    How to spot real and fake meme coins

    Investing in meme coins is a risky venture that can result in massive losses due to fraud, hacks, and exploitation. Fear of missing out and watching your new investment plummet as the meme mob moves to other shiny objects are also concerns.
    December 21, 2021

    DeFi 2.0 is a new version of DeFi.

    DeFi 2.0 is a movement aimed at improving and resolving the issues that plagued the original DeFi wave. DeFi was groundbreaking in that it made decentralized financial services available to anybody with a crypto wallet, yet it still has flaws.
    December 15, 2021

    How Web3 Is Shaping Up

    After a decade of a handful of dominant social media companies trading what are essentially publishing tools in exchange for serving us all an endless deluge of ads, the winds of change are finally blowing—in a few different directions at once.
    December 14, 2021

    Will the Facebook Metaverse Support Blockchain?

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are not required for the metaverse to exist. The actual metaverse, on the other hand, is inextricably related to the blockchain concept of an open, interoperable network in which virtual assets are transferred and maintained through a trustless and verifiable ledger.
    December 8, 2021

    What Is Bitcoin Halving and Why Does It Matter

    Bitcoin is created through a process called mining. Miners use considerable computational power to authenticate transactions that have taken place on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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