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RoboFi Ambassador Program

GET PAID for promoting
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Are you passionate about everything crypto and eager to get more involved? 

At RoboFi, we give everyone an opportunity to become our ambassadors. Be part of this blockchain revolution with us!

Join RoboFi's Ambassador Program and
Grow with Us!

We believe that every retail investor should have access to institution-grade crypto trading bots. Sadly, in reality, that isn’t the case. RoboFi was created with the goal of bringing DAO crypto trading bots to everyone! The RoboFi ecosystem provides a convenient, secure, and transparent environment for users to connect with crypto trading bot developers. The RoboFi Ambassador Program will play an essential role in developing the RoboFi community as we work toward bringing RoboFi to a larger audience. Ambassadors are enthusiastic about our project and growing the community.

Why should you join our ambassador program?

Ambassadors enjoy a host of perks and privileges:


Be a part of RoboFi and get paid for your hard work!


Get involved in the blockchain world, connect, and grow your network of blockchain experts.


Be an early supporter. Have exclusive access to more projects by RoboFi, such as NFT whitelisting.

Free Training & Idea Sharing Sessions

Be a part of RoboFi and receive free training. Share your ideas and contribute to the blockchain space.

Become Our

Be a pioneer. Represent your country and get access to countless opportunities!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate individuals. Here are some key traits that we are looking for:

  • You have in-depth knowledge of the crypto industry. 
  • You are familiar with crypto trading bots or you have heard about crypto trading bots. 
  • You are a proactive, highly-motivated, and fast learner. 
  • You have local connections or communities. (Optional)
  • You know how to reach local crypto enthusiasts. 
  • You have communication skills and experience in marketing.
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Ambassador Roles:

The number of ambassador positions available depend on your skills and your schedule.

Country Leader
  • Design training courses, organize AMAs, launch campaigns for local audiences.
  • Help translate and manage the local communities.
  • Recruit new ambassadors and host events both online and offline.
Content Creator
  • videos + graphics: create content about RoboFi on social media–art, tutorials, educational videos, use case overviews.
  • blogs + articles: write articles to boost RoboFi’s market presence.
  • infographics + memes: create fantastic content to share to the community.
Youtube Creator/ Influencer
  • Share our insights on your channel (IG, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube).
  • Crypto influencers who are part of the cryptocurrency community (Crypto bloggers, YouTubers, Tiktokers, Twitter influencers, etc.).
  • Create engaging content to promote RoboFi and educate users about the RoboFi DAO crypto trading bot ecosystem.
  • Share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.
Community Partner
  • Are you a community owner? Share about RoboFi and promote RoboFi in your community. As an official partner, we will promote each other!
Do you have other talents and suggestions ?

How Do I Become an Ambassador?

Step 1

Submit your application here.

Step 2

Wait for the team to review and approve your application.

Step 3

Undergo the onboarding process. (Welcome aboard!)

What are you waiting for?