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About RoboFi

RoboFi (www.robofi.io) is a DeFi platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots. With the effective use of blockchain technology, #RoboFi seeks to bring consensus between bot creators and users in an ecosystem that encourages mutual financial growth and innovation. Over the last 12 months, we identified the lack of a platform that allows bot creators to share their bots easily to their potential users. Our goal is to allow bot creators to sell and raise funds for their bots easily, as well as for our users to have a platform that provides bots with reliable performance and security.

We started developing a project that supports trustless interactions between bot creators and users. Users will be able to store their bot tokens in our non-custodial wallet as well as harvest their bot tokens to enjoy the yield earned by the bots. Some of the innovations of this project includes the introduction of the IBO (Initial Bot Offering) process and harvesting of rewards earned by bots while holding the bot tokens.

The crypto trading marketplace is a place where users and bot creators meet. Bot creators can list their crypto trading bots while users can choose to use them and earn from crypto trading. This is one of the easiest way to participate in crypto trading.

RoboFi (VICS) Token

RoboFi (VICS) token is essential to the RoboFi ecosystem. VICS is used whenever users stake and use the many services in the ecosystem (purchase crypto trading bots) while bot creators use VICS for trading profit payout.

The most important aspect of VICS is its use as governance token in the ecosystem. It is also the only token accepted to participate in the IBO (Initial Bot Offering).

There are two tokens available in the Robofi ecosystem:

  1. Our governance tokens known as VICS token.
  2. The bot tokens that are unique to each bot they represent.

RoboFi (VICS) token is essential to the whole project. VICS is used whenever users stake and use the many services in the ecosystem (purchase crypto trading bots) while bot creators use VICS for trading profit payout.

The most important aspect of VICS is its use as governance token in the ecosystem. It is also the only token accepted to participate in the IBOs (Initial Bot Offering).

Every bot created in our ecosystem will come with their own set of bot tokens as well. IBO contributors will receive bot tokens in return for the VICS they contribute. These bot tokens will be used for bot governance and rewards harvesting.

Find out more about our tokenomics:



The ecosystem is made up of different components. Each component offers a unique earning opportunity to its users.

  • RoboFi Treasury is the bridge in which users deposit crypto assets (e.g., ETH, BTC, USDT) and get a copy of these assets in tokens.
  • RoboFi Liquidity Pool is a pool where users stake and earn VICS token.
  • RoboFi Bot Store (marketplace) is a place where bot creators list their bots for IBO, which users participate in and buy DAO crypto trading bots.
  • RoboFi Exchange is where users buy and sell bot tokens.
  • RoboFi Earn acts like a bank savings account. Users deposit their assets and receive stable interest no matter the volatility of the market.
  • RoboFi Lending is a decentralized lending platform that allows users to join their favourite DABots community even when they do not have the required assets.

Crypto Trading Bot Creators

After building crypto trading bots, bot builders/creators will need to raise funds to take them to the next level. Working with a Fintech company where traders and developers meet, we noticed the difficulties that developers and traders faced in sharing their ideas due to compliance or IP issues.

As a solution, we adopted and made adjustments to the ICO concept, to make it applicable to the crypto trading bots niche. With the IBO (Initial Bot Offering), we list the best crypto trading bots that we think are suitable in the marketplace. Then our users browse through and select the bots that suit them. The valuation is up to the creator to set and the community to accept.

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Bot creators can gain and raise capital to fund crypto trading bots. The more you gain and invest, the more rewards you will reap from the bot’s trading activities.

Initial Bot Offerings (IBO) is a process in which a bot creator attempts to gain capital by listing their developed crypto trading bots. We select only the best crypto trading bots available in the market thru strict performance testing. Once the crypto trading bots are launched, each crypto bot issues its governance tokens, which users purchase.

This mechanism provides opportunities for bot creators to raise capital or funds, all while users earn. Creators and users share the profit and grow together.

Listing your crypto bot on the marketplace is an opportunity to earn capital or funds through IBO (Initial Bot Offering). Users who participate in the IBO invest in the crypto trading bots. It is extremely hard to share your crypto trading bots with others at an individual level. As the intermediary, the RoboFi project ensures transparency and offers earning opportunities to both bot creators and users/investors.

We are very selective in choosing crypto trading bots. We choose only the best crypto trading bots through a strict process. All crypto trading bots must go through a performance test. Our performance test includes exchange verified pnl, which means bot creators must connect their crypto trading bots to one of our reputable partner exchanges. Through this, we will see the pnl verification from exchanges.

Crypto Trading Bots

As the name implies, crypto trading bots are bots that are programmed to trade using pre-set trading algorithms. Crypto trading bots automate the trading process. It can also send you signals to buy or sell. This helps users manage trading risks at minimum.

  1. DEX DAbots—trade on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, PancakeSwap.
  2. CEX DAbots—trade on centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and equity/ Forex market in the future.
  3. Farming DAbots—providers of liquidity pools of AMM-DEX earn trading commission. Also earn yield farming income in certain types of liquidity pools.

RoboFi users can purchase DAO crypto trading bots, stake, or participate in the IBO and be a governance shareholder of a crypto trading bot.

Aside from the various ways to earn, other advantages include:

  1. Saves time — By using DAO bots, users optimize their time and can use it for other activities.
  2. Automatic — Users need not monitor their screens to place purchase or sale orders.
  3. Easy to use — Using the DAO bots is very simple. Users simply register and can get started quickly.
  4. Performance — DAO Crypto bots are much more efficient than manual traders.
  5. Diversification — Using DAO bots is a great way to diversify your investments.
  6. Precision and speed — The algorithms are ultra fast and precise.

That would depend on the compatibility of the software/application/API to the exchange.

The team behind Robofi has a long history of bot trading in several exchanges. Before a bot is listed on the marketplace, they are tested in our selected exchange to assess suitability.

Bot creators and users need not worry as these information will be provided during IBO.

To use the bots, users must first participate in the IBO. Afterwards, they are granted access to the myriad of services offered in the ecosystem.

It’s easy to make money without coding knowledge and a large amount of money. With RoboFi, you can get bot ownership and earn rewards.

If you don’t know how to develop a crypto trading bot, don’t have enough money to buy a crypto trading bot, don’t know how to adjust crypto trading strategies, and also don’t have the time to trade crypto 24 hours, then the answer is a RoboFi crypto trading bot.

We do our best to select the best crypto trading bots available in the market. However, please be aware that investing in crypto trading bots is NOT risk-free. Same as human traders, crypto trading bots can make both profit and losses. Therefore, kindly choose the crypto trading bots after careful consideration.

How to Buy RoboFi (VICS) Token

You can trade VICS on the following platforms:

Yes, you can connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.

Here’s a simple guide on how to buy VICS using Metamask or your Trust wallet: https://bit.ly/3kW1P25

Most Popular Questions

RoboFi Ecosystem is the first DeFi to operate bots that follow the DAO principle. We support every crypto trading bot that passes the IBO (Initial Bot Offering) stage and provide the means to produce bot tokens. There are two types of tokens in the RoboFi ecosystem: RoboFi VICS token and bot tokens. All of these tokens can be stored in the RoboFi Wallet. We introduce an original way for our bot token holders to generate yield while holding on to their bot tokens. We are delivering a transparent, win-win solution to the financial trading market with the use of blockchain technology.

We have not seen any other DeFi project that can offer the same as the RoboFi.

Holding VICS will bring great benefits to users.

  • To use of the services in RoboFi to earn with digital asset.
  • To participate in IBO and purchase governance token.
  • To particiapte in RoboFi games.

The key to success in crypto trading is using bots.

We want to create a world where everyone has access to crypto trading bots to generate yields. Users should not have to go through the painful experience of losing their capital with untrusted trading algorithms.


Following our roadmap, this year our full focus on the tech side is to release the MVP. Not only that, but we would also like to expand our token network to ERC20. For the commercial side, we would like to focus on listing on major exchanges, starting with Hotbit exchange!

Next year, we would like to expand our service to equity and forex. So Robofi will be a Defi platform that allows users to earn not only in crypto, but also in traditional assets. This could only mean that we will have all types of bots, and it will be a true DEFI platform where users can leverage with their crypto asset!

When bot creators have profitable crypto trading bots, they can list them through the IBO. Just like ICO, bot creators launch their bots to raise funds for trading.

Users can participate in voting and be the governance shareholders. If users have governance shares from participating in the IBO, over time when bots are profitable (value appreciation), users will earn from this too. It’s the best way to leverage their earning in the crypto trading world.

You can trade VICS on the following platforms:

Here’s a simple guide on how to buy VICS using Metamask or your Trust wallet: https://bit.ly/3kW1P25

RoboFi is Crypto Trading Bots project. However, to survive and win in this industry, we should stay in the trend as well.

Since the NFT is this year’s trend, we are currently working on funding unique programs (bot creators and gamers).

We are now working on a play-to-earn scholarship program. There will be a pool of fund for funding gamers.

Gamers will play popular games such as Axie Infinity, and we will earn together!

Apply here : https://forms.gle/TqnGvmJsV44ruRKbA

In 10 years, we aim to be the first Defi platform that is powered by DAO trading bots which supports individuals earning in financial markets including, but not limited to cryptocurrency, equities, forex.