Bridge between Trading technology and individuals Select Your Bots RoboFi can effectively put bots creators and individuals in touch with each other for earning opportunities while protecting data and privacy. Thanks to blockchain technology, a higher set of standards in transparency, efficiency, and security have been introduced. Now is the best time to transform the financial industry with RoboFi.

Professional Portfolio Management to Everyone RoboFi Ecosystem – Automated & Transparent RoboFiStore Get access to our collection of decentralized and autonomous bots. Navigate the market, choose a bot, and seize earning opportunities. RoboFiEarn Create another income source through RoboFi Earn. Deposit your digital assets and receive stable interest no matter the volatility of the market. RoboFiLending Even when you don’t have the required assets, you can join your favorite DABots community through the decentralized lending platform. RoboFiExchange Holding governance shares. Participate in the IBO (Initial Bot Offering) and buy and sell bot tokens in our internal exchange. RoboFiGame Participate in the decentralized lucky draw games and be a winner today. Participate in staking or become a governance shareholder of decentralized & autonomous crypto trading bots through IBO (Initial Bot Offering).
Decentralized Autonomous Bots Open Your Decentralized Wallet Buy VICS

List your bots on Defi platform through
IBO (Initial Bot Offering)
Apply For Listing - IBO Would you like to list your crypto trading bots on the fastest growing ecosystem that is for decentralized & autonomous crypto trading bots?

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Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bots at Your Fingertips We aim to be the most secure crypto trading bots marketplace that maximizes your earning opportunities.

Fueled by VICS TOKEN How to Buy VICS Guide The RoboFi ecosystem is built upon Smart Contracts and fueled by VICS Token. VICS Token is a BEP-20 token, built on the Binance Smart Chain. Get VICS Token today to use in staking to earn rewards, make a payment to buy crypto trading bots on marketplace, participate in IBO (Initial Bot Offering) and purchase Governance Shares and get more incentives from decentralized & autonomous crypto trading bots. Buy VICS on PancakeSwap $VICS Official Contract: VICS Token Chart 0x9bcab88763c33a95e73bc6dcf80fcf27a77090b2 Open VICS Wallet VICS on BSC SCAN


ROADMAP Q1 2021 • Release Litepaper in public
• Release the website in public
• Listing on DEX
• Public presales and IDO
• Start Fair Launch
• Community building
• On board bots creators
• Listing on Coingecko
• Listing on Coinmarket Cap
• Build developers community
• Launch liquidity mining pool
• RoboFiStore and DABots IBO, stake, voting
• RoboFiTreasury: support BNB
• RoboFiStaking stake VICS to earn VICS
• RoboFi project kick-off
• Prepare whitepaper
• Private token sales
Q2 2021 Q3 2021 Q4 2021 • DABots: DEX bots, Farming bots
• RoboFiWallet: convert ERC20 from/to BEP20
• RoboFiGame
• RoboFiTreasury: support BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20)
Q1 2022 • On boarding institutional users
• RoboFiLending: regular lending and leverage bot staking
• RoboFiExchange (P2P)
• RoboFiEarn
Q2 2022 • And much more…


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