A cryptocurrency wallet is used as storage for crypto tokens or coins. Wallets allow users to keep custody of their crypto securely without needing to use a centralized entity. Some people call their wallets their crypto bank. But unlike conventional banks, they can maintain token possession. The lovely thing about wallets is that users can control their wallets with their 12-or 24-word seed phrases, which allow them to access their crypto anywhere using the said phrases. It is crucial that users safely maintain their seed phrases as it is necessary to access their crypto assets. If lost or stolen, users will not be able to retrieve their crypto assets.

How To Add Binance Smart Chain To Metamask

‍Step 2 — Open a wallet or import one. Secure your seed phrases. To install Metamask, please click here 

Step 3 — Go to settings.

Step 4 — From settings, select Networks.

Step 5 — Select add network and input the following information:

Network Name: BSC Mainnet

New RPC URL: or

ChainID: 56, or 0x38 if 56 doesn’t work

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Step 6 — Select the newly added BSC Mainnet network and you’re now connected to the BSC network.

Metamask is a wallet that exists solely on your computer and gives you full control of your funds. Metamask is installed on your browser like any regular plugin. Once it’s installed, it allows users to store cryptocurrency asset. Initially, Metamask only supported the Ethereum network, but today, Metamask supports many networks including Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, Avalance , Polygon, and many more. 


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