Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: What You Need to Know

February 1, 2022

Trading Knowledge – Crypto Trading Bots

In the short term, the value of a cryptocurrency can rise and fall significantly in value. In contrast to traditional markets, cryptocurrency trading is open around the clock, making it more difficult for traders to react quickly when prices change. Trading bots for cryptocurrencies come in handy in this situation. The most efficient method of carrying out a trade is to employ a robot programmed to follow a specific set of rules to maximize productivity.
January 13, 2022

The Rise of DAO’s In Crypto World Today | RoboFi-VICS

A DAO is a blockchain structure (think of it as a secure database) that anyone can leverage to self-govern through participation, authored by rules, baked into code, and permitting voting through digital tokens (think cryptocurrency) — all while leveraging smart contracts. What does this mean? A DAO is a newer legal structure that humans (for now) create with a stated purpose and a plan to execute decisions via code.
January 10, 2022

Several of DAO Crypto Trading Bots In The RoboFi Ecosystem

RoboFi crypto trading bots, also known as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), are a type of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that is powered by smart contracts. Participants in a DABot can be either stakeholders or governance users.
January 7, 2022

What You Must Know About DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications are among the most popular for managing DeFi apps. Compared to real-world examples, DAOs are similar to venture capital funds, but they operate in a more decentralized manner, without a traditional management structure or board of directors. 
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