Provide an overview of the blockchain technology and discuss in brief what digital currencies are all about into the technical specifics

May 6, 2022

Cryptocurrency: Definitions, Benefits, and History

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity, and as of 2018, there were over 1,600 different cryptocurrencies! And it's only getting bigger. As a result, the need for blockchain developers has increased (the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin).
January 25, 2022

What Is Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Simple Overview for the Non-Tech Savvy

Everyone is raving about cryptocurrency. Banks fear it. Celebrities and prominent people talk about it. Businesses are starting to accept it. We see cryptocurrency on the […]
December 28, 2021

The Future of DAO

In summary, a DAO is created by a group of crypto wallets controlled by individuals and other organizations that execute all their movements through code, making it possible to manage assets and votes safely without the need for underlying legal or traditional banking setups.
December 28, 2021

What are the steps to trading meme coins?

When you've found a viable meme coin, the next step is to learn how to trade this type of volatile asset properly. Keep in mind that meme coin prices are fueled by speculation. As a result, you'll almost certainly have to deal with a lot of volatility.
December 27, 2021

Crypto Mining Vs. Staking: What’s the difference?

When it comes to mining vs. staking, the differences stem from the algorithms each uses to add new blocks. Crypto mining comes from its proof-of-work mechanism. In this decentralized system, the "work" is mining. Crypto staking has similar objectives to mining to validate transactions and achieve consensus. Its proof-of-stake mechanism was first used as an alternative to proof-of-work.
December 27, 2021

How to spot real and fake meme coins

Investing in meme coins is a risky venture that can result in massive losses due to fraud, hacks, and exploitation. Fear of missing out and watching your new investment plummet as the meme mob moves to other shiny objects are also concerns.
December 24, 2021

How Do Stablecoins Keep Their Values?

Stablecoins aim for low or no volatility by being linked to price-stable assets such as the US dollar or gold. Stablecoins achieve price stability through a variety of methods. They can be classified into three categories
December 23, 2021

Are Altcoins Worth Investing In?

The altcoin market is still in its infancy. It's an uneven match. The number of altcoins listed on cryptocurrency exchanges has dramatically increased in the last decade, attracting swarms of ordinary investors eager to benefit from their price swings.
December 21, 2021

AI and Automation: The Future of Crypto Trading?

Trading bots, also known as robots, not only relieve the stress of trading alone, but they can also make better decisions and potentially outperform the market.
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